Tailored training

Every individual and every race they compete in is different, so I believe that no two training plans should be the same. From the person planning their first Ironman triathlon to the ultra marathon runner training for their next race, my training plans and coaching packages are tailored both to specific events and for each individual I work with. Whether it is run coaching for road running, trail running, mountain running or triathlon coaching TMR Coaching can help you achieve your goals.

I believe that training sessions should replicate the individual race course profile, making sure that anything from distance to endurance and elevation change is factored into the plan you choose.

A technical approach

I work closely with coaching clients, analysing performance data from every session to provide prompt feedback and suggest adjustments to make the most out of your sessions. I believe in taking the guess work out of training by embracing new technology like running power meters and cycle power profiling, along with FTP and heart rate data.

As an experienced endurance athlete, I’ve adapted coaching methodologies from cycling, running and triathlon, cross-pollinating the disciplines to maximise training results. Beyond my coaching qualifications and personal training experiences, I continue to attend seminars, stay abreast of the latest research and participate in workshops to pass the latest knowledge on to the athletes I work with.

For a free consultation or to discuss your training goals in more details, get in touch.

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