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As an experienced ultramarathon runner and triathlete, I’ve competed in some of the toughest races on the circuit. Alongside Ironman Triathlons and Xtri Triathlons, such as Celtman, Swissman and Swedeman, I’ve completed mutliple skyrunning and ultra marathon races, including Glen Coe Skyline, Trofeo Kima and Lavaredo Ultra Trail. My training plans for trail running, mountain running and triathlons are designed to optimise your training and performance by focussing on the key elements for a successful race.

Understanding the race course, terrain, elevation and altitude is essential, but factoring the course profile into your training makes a big impact on your performance. TMR Coaching training plans for specific races are available to purchase from Training Peaks, giving you a complete schedule to follow whether you want to meet a personal best or simply complete the course.

Sample Plans

Celtman 2019

This is a bespoke plan for Celtman 2019, taking into consideration the unique nature of this fantastic race. Bespoke workouts tailored for the swim, bike and run, including consideration for the course profile, the elevation and the weather.

It is 23 weeks starting from the Monday 7th January, and follows a typical pattern of 2 build weeks followed by a recovery week. There is a 3 week taper period.

It has been designed by an IRONMAN Certified Coach, who has completed multiple Xtri races, including the Celtman Xtreme Triathlon and has the blue t-shirt to show for it.

Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2019 25 Week Training Plan

25 Week Plan specific to the Lavaredo Ultra Trail.;

Tailored workouts designed for specific climbs and unique features of the Lavaredo course.

Requires access to a treadmill for certain workouts, or hills, and ideally a HR monitor.

Based on a 3 week build process, 1 week recovery with a 3 week Taper.
Time based rather than distance.

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  • UESCA Ultrarunning

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